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I work at one of those art studios where customers drink wine while we teach them various artworks. If there is space in the class, we take walk ins, but generally people reserve their spots ahead of time. When you do so, you receive an email with the name of your class, the time, and any additional information needed about the class. I’d been working there a month or two when I got my first (of many) odd call.

CUSTOMER: Are you doing a beach painting tonight?

ME: No, I’m sorry. We’ve got one next week though, and our calendar is online if you’d like to see our paintings coming up.


ME: I’m sorry, we do have a flower painting tonight if you’re interested in that.

CUSTOMER: Do you know what studio is doing a beach painting tonight?

ME: No, I’m sorry I only know what we’re teaching at this branch. They should also have their calender’s online though if you’d like to check and see if there are any you like.

CUSTOMER: I bought my family seats for tonight and I can’t remember which studio I bought them for. Where else are the ones near by?

(There are 15 different locations within a 20 mile radius – I list off the closest ones)

ME: If you check your email you should have a confirmation for your seats, the email will have the studio name and city in it.

CUSTOMER: I can’t find the email. I know it was for tonight. Thanks, I’ll call the other studios and check. My husband is going to be so mad…

All in all she was very patient and it wasn’t a bad interaction, but understand this was for several family members. Total, she’d spent a little over $200 for these spots. Maybe it’s because I work retail, but I can’t imagine spending $200 and then forgetting where I spent it! I sure hope she found the class!