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I’m working for a retailer that sells computer software & hardware both online and at a store location. This conversation occurs through our email system as a customer is complaining that his order hasn’t arrived yet.
Customer: I ordered my item over a week ago and it still hasn’t arrived yet. Am I getting it or not?
Me: I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. I’ve checked the post tracking information and it says that the item has already been delivered and signed for at about 2:00pm. I’ve noticed that the address is a business so it’s possible that a coworker may have received and signed for your item. Could you ask the business receptionist and your coworkers if they have signed for any post articles in the last week?
Customer: Listen mate I’m not doing a damn thing you say until I get my item! I didn’t pay for the item plus postage just for you to boss me around! If I don’t have my item sitting on my desk when I get into work tomorrow then I can promise you I will be performing a credit card charge back and never buying from you again!
(I had no idea how to respond to this so I left it until the end of the day before responding, however by then I had received a new email from the customer)
Customer: Hi mate all is good and well. Got my item today. Turns out one of my coworkers had it on his desk. Thank you and bye.
(I was so confused after this)