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(I need to get tenants insurance before moving in to a new apartment, so I look up the number for my credit union.)

Me: “Hi, I would like to speak with someone about tenant’s insurance.”

Receptionist: “Pardon?”

Me: “I would like to speak with someone about getting tenant’s insurance.”

Receptionist: “Oh, you’ve called the wrong number. We’re actually the community centre.”

Me: “Oh, sorry about that!”

(A couple of years prior the community centre had undergone major renovations, and my credit union donated most of the funds for it to be done, so it was changed from being the Cowichan Community Centre to the [credit union] Centre. At the time of renaming I felt completely outraged, and though my mistake in the present was easily rectified, I still felt like it was further proof that there are certain things that should not be named after corporate entities.)