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I’ve been working at this Art Store for years and have gotten to know regulars very well. Artisan clients are very difficult to please and are very snobby. This has been difficult since my older boss had retired and customers think they can dupe the new managers and myself despite being there for years and knowing how things should roll.
Regular Customer: “Hi, I ordered a jar of [high end paint solvent].”
Me: “Sure thing, I’ll go and get it for you.” (She’s a regular, I know her by face and name, I remember her well because generally she’s always terrible to everyone.)
I bring her the product with her name on it.
Regular Customer: “[New Manager] said I could have this for free, I bought ink here and it was bad, he said it can be supplemented for the bad product.”
Me: “Um…let me ask [New Manager].”
There is no note about it being free, and no one told me about it being free. The manger was at his desk so it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’m not risking it. She follows me into his office. I tell him about what she said and he has no idea what she’stalking about.
Regular Customer: “[Old Manager (WHO RETIRED 6 MONTHS AGO)] said I could have this for free.”
New Manager: “When?”
Regular Customer: “October.”
New Manager: “I can’t go on your word.”
Regular Customer: “Well can’t you call [Old Manager?]”
Both the New Manager & I: “No.”
Needless to say she didn’t get it for free. This is not the worst thing she’s tried to pull with us. I wish she would just be banned already.

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