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, | Unfiltered | December 10, 2020

A customer has come in with a trombone. He walks straight up to me and asks me to hold on to it while he shops. When he has finished at the checkouts he moves to leave. I chase after him.

Me: Sir, you forgot your instrument!

He looks at me in horror and gets down on one knee. He them takes my hand and kisses it.

Customer: Oh, my fair maiden, you have saved me the misery and embarrassment of forgetting my most prized possession.

He takes the trombone.

Customer: I will not forget this! *leaves*

Me: Well that was something…

Coworker: Yeah, he comes in around once a year, completely wasted.

Me: He didn’t look drunk.

Coworker: He smelled it though.

I worked at that store for another year and a half, so got the opportunity to meet him again.