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, | Unfiltered | December 10, 2020

A French couple has come into the café. I approach them and ask if they would like to order.

Woman: *in French* He doesn’t look like a man.

Husband: *silent*

Woman: *in French* He’s making me uncomfortable. Should we complain?

Husband: *silence*

She orders a small coffee for herself and bottled water fir her husband. As I’m about leave…

Woman: *In French* Do they do iced tea?

Me: Yes we do. A small is £2.40, medium is £3.20, and large is £4.

Woman: *startled* Did you?

Me: Yes, I understood every word you said.

She blushes and her husband bursts out laughing.

Husband: *in French* I think I will have a cappuccino, please.

The woman didn’t talk much for the rest of their visit, but the husband seemed to enjoy himself with how fluent our workers were with French. Many were from the local university and were doing French studies.

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