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I receive a call from an investor who is a known trouble-maker. He’s known for making reps cry with screaming and foul language and even physically assaulted a manager at a bank. Long before I started there, senior management withdrew him from all but two of his investments and returned his money. The two remaining ones can’t be withdrawn and the investors will get their money back when the projects conclude, which can take many years.

He calls every so often even though he’s banned from doing so and he’ll disquise his name because he knows we won’t talk to him. Today when he calls, he pronounces his first name wrong and says his last name too quickly for me to to catch. He immediately starts demanding a date when he will get his money back. When I tell him I don’t have a date, he starts demanding information I don’t have access to. I suggest he email in his questions so they can passed along to my manager.
Cx: I don’t like your attitude! This whole thing smacks of fraud! Who’s your manager?
Me: [Manager’s first name]
Cx: [Manager] WHAT?
Me: I’m not comfortable giving out other people’s last names, but [Manager] is the only one here by that name.
Cx: You’re not comfortable? Were you comfortable taking my money all those years ago? Were you?!
Me: Sir, I wasn’t involved with that.
Cx: Yes, you were! You’re all part of the same sect!
Cx: You’re all part of the same sect!
Me: We are not a SECT, sir.
Cx: Yes, you are! You’re all part of the same sect! (Cx hung up on me.)
I told my manager later and he got a good laugh out of it.

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