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I work in a fast food restaurant. Our opening manager somehow messed up the registers. It seemed like we were running fine, but when his his shift ended, his replacement discovered the registers weren’t communicating with the main system correctly. Tech support had to bring the whole system down for about 15 minutes. Right at the start of lunch rush. I’m on drive-thru.

Me: Sorry. Our registers are down. We can’t take any orders right now.
Customer: Oh.. umm.. okay. Can I have a 4 piece nugget Happy Meal?
Me: Sorry. Our registers are down, we can’t take any orders,
Customer: …apple slices…
Me: We can’t take any orders right now. Sorry.
Customer: Can I get a cheeseburger Happy Meal instead?
Me: <sighs> Sorry Ma’am. Our registers are not working. I can’t take an order.
Customer: Anything?
Me: No Ma’am.
Customer: Oh… OH! Okay! <drives off>