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I work in a chain pet supply store. I don’t usually work register as my department doesn’t generally handle that portion of the customer experience. Somedays like the day of this story are an exception. I got called out to help since all of my work had been completed for the the time in my area and everything was going fine all my customers were being incredibly nice (overall a good day for working the floor). About an hour in a lady walks in asking for an return on two big ticket items and an exchange on one (about $50+ per item). So I page for a manager because I just in general am not comfortable with returns and feel it’s better to be safe. The manager gets to the register and asks for the receipt…which of course she doesn’t have because it was a purchase her mom made. So the manager asked if she knew the number(s) her mom could have possibly used making the purchase so we can try to pull up her receipt in our system. She lists off a couple numbers none of which work calls her mom who doesn’t answer. When her mom doesn’t answer she becomes agitated and asks if we can just do the return without the receipt. To which my manager replies no it violates policy. She then get more agitated and demands to see the policy which my manager produces to show her. She studies it for a few minutes then says well I just don’t understand why I cant at least exchange two of the $50 items. The manager replies in almost an apologetic way because it’s a against our policy. This process repeats for probably another five minutes (with my manager remaining polite and calm the entire time) as checking out my own customers a register away and ends with the woman storming out mad we won’t make a policy exception for her just this once

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