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(I’m the manager an indoor batting cages when a quick and sarcastic customer comes up with a question that throws me off guard).

Customer: Are all of your cages working?

Me: Yes, are you asking if they are rented?

Customer: No, I am asking if all of your cages are working, one of them doesn’t have a machine in it.

Me: What?

Customer: *Lets out a sign* Follow me

(He doesn’t even wait for me as he starts to walk down to the cage)

Customer: See? There’s not a machine in this cage. It doesn’t even have a hole! We put 3 coins in and nothing happened.

(To give him some credit, cages 7 and 8 are a bit different than cages 1-6, they have a hole on the top of the roof that the ball pitches through where as 1-6 pitch from the middle of the net. 7 and 8 also have a start button on the top and most people miss the big sign on the start box that they have to push the button whereas 1-6 start immediately.)

Me: You have to push the start button on top.

Customer’s Son: *pushes start button*

Cage 7: *Starts pitching*

Me: Anything else I can do for you?

Customer: Nope, you put me in my place, thank you.

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