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(I work at a golf course that gives discounts to seniors that are 65+. We used to use the honor system of them telling us their age but after being finding out of being lied to, we now card everyone we don’t recognize. In this story, customer 1 definitely looks like a senior, however, customer 2 does not.

Customer 2: Two for Golf.

Customer 1: We are seniors.

Customer 2: Wait, how old for the senior rate?

Me : 65 and up.

Customer 2: Oh, um ok yeah, we are both seniors

Me: Ok, can I see you Ladies’ ID, please?

Customer 2: *hands license*

Me: Ok, thank you.

Customer 2: *Slowly opens her wallet then says* “Ok no, I’m not a senior, how much is it?”

Me: “[price]”

They didn’t like me very much after that and were short with me throughout the rest of the transaction.

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