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*I am a manager for a shop that sells vape kits (e-cigarettes) and liquids. My co-worker has already informed me that a customer is coming to see me as I was on my day off and she refused to speak to me on the phone*

Customer: Are you the manager? (Hasn’t even said hello or anything, just barged in and pushed past 2 people waiting to pay for their products)

Me: Yes, I am. *Co-worker*, can you take over the till please?

Customer: I wouldn’t let him do that! He a rude, ignorant s***!

Me: Excuse me love, but I do not tolerate that kind of language, especially against my staff. Now what is the problem?

Customer: I just told you! He’s a rude, arrogant f*** and something needs to be done about it! I don’t appreciate being treated like a stupid b****!

Me: Well, before I can do anything, we need to do something about your language or I will not be able to help.

Customer: Listen sunshine, I want that man fired! He was condescending and rude to me yesterday!

Me: Oh! Yes, I was informed you would be returning to see me. Can you please explain how he was condescending and rude, as *co-worker* has never shown such actions since I hired him.

Customer: Well, you hired wrong! I want him fired! NOW!!! In front of all these people!!!

I have now had enough of her attitude and decide to fight fire with fire.

Me: Honey, listen. I will not be doing that in front of our customers. I refuse to make any scene and berate a staff member when I still haven’t been told the full story of why you are making such accusations!

Customer: I told you! He was rude and condescending! If you don’t do anything, I will take this further!

Me: *sighing* Co-worker, I am appaled by your behaviour to this customer and I’m afraid when I do your review at the end of the week, it looks like you might not be here the week after.

The customers who remained in the shop snickered as the angry customer looked triumphant and smirked at my co-worker before walking out.

Customer 1 watching: What was that about?

Co-worker: She hadn’t turned her pen on and claimed it was broken.

Custoner 2 watching: She really is a stupid b****