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I work customer service at a large bookstore. Note: we do not have a “Non Fiction” section, instead we have non fiction items spread into multiple sections such as science, history, biography, cookbooks ECT. These areas make up about 3/4 of the store. I have a customer come up while I’m putting some items away.

Customer: “Where is your non fiction section?”
Me: “Is there something in particular you’re looking for? Most of our store is classified as nonfiction.”
Customer: Just non fiction. How hard can it be to just tell me where the section is?”
Me: I apologize but are you looking for something historical or inspirational? Or maybe about someone?
Customer: (angry) JUST NON FICTION!!
Me:(I then take her to history/biography area that most people classify as tradional non fiction hoping she would be happy) “Here is history and biography – you will find historical pieces here as well as books about different people. On the other side here will be more political items. Let me know if you need anymore help!”
Customer: “This isn’t the non fiction section section! Where are all the shirtless guys on the covers?!”
Me: “Do you want a romance novel?”
Customer: YES!!! NON FICTION!!
Me: (Internally face palming before taking her to the romance section..) Here is our Romance section. Let me know if you need a particular author or book. Some times they get juggled around between romance and regular FICTION!”