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(First day on the job, only 3 chefs are working at a busy hour. I call out the order for a popular side dish when a customer approaches with his son.)

Me: “Hi, welcome to (restaurant), how can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, can I have two plates to go?”

Me: “Sure, what would you like as your sides?”

Customer: “(popular side dish)”

(I notice that there isn’t enough of the dish and all available chefs are working on other dishes and the side dish he requested has yet to be cooked.)

Me: I’m sorry sir, there’s only enough for one. Would you be willing to wait about 5 minutes?

(the customer scoffs at, looking angry and offended.)

Customer: You know, when you’re running low on food, you should be rushing to make more.

Me: Sir, I’m sorry about that, but it’ll still be 5 minutes for (side dish).

(customer scoffs at me once again and turns to his son)

Customer: Let’s go.

(Customer exits with his son and I take the next customer’s order, and they were willing to wait for the dish)

(During break time, I tell a coworker what had happened. After closing time, the coworker told me the customer had come back.)

Me: “What?

Coworker: “Oh, he came back to our office asking if we had the number for Human Resources so he could tell them about our bad customer service. So I told him, ‘and tell them what? That you couldn’t wait 5 minutes for (side dish)?’ and he left.”

Me: “He tried to report me over (side dish)?”

Coworker: “Guess so.”

(I’ve always heard stories about these people, but I was shocked that someone would be that upset over a side dish)