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I used to work at Media Play, a chain store where we had four sections, books, music, videos, and hard lines (everything else, including software, video games and consoles, clothing, toys, collects less, etc…). I normally covered hard lines and/or registers. We had one customer who we noticed every month and consistently “bought” a sh*t load of product, only to bring it all back a week later to return it all. Once used, a lot of product can’t be resold without a discount, or even at all, making for losses – which is why we required ID and tracked returns.

We had some good workers who engaged the customers, so we found out the backstory, she had custody of her grand kids once a month, and rather than buy toys and such to keep them entertained once, was treating us as a lending library for same, so no money was spent permanently and the kids got to play with new stuff every visit.

She was oblivious to the idea that she was possibly doing something wrong, and local management didn’t cut her off ASAP – possibly to avoid a scene or accusations of “you’re only doing this because I’m black”, a refrain I’ve sadly heard used unfairly more than once in several customer service / sales jobs. However, my elder brother, who is/was a sales guy par excellence , had (coincidently and unrelated to me working there) recently been hired as a regional manager for Media Play, and was visiting the store the next time she came to do her “returns”.

I wasn’t there that day, but I heard he handled it and gently informed her that this was the LAST time she would be allowed to do any returns, due to abuse of returns policy.

I mean I feel for her situation – being limited means and all – but still stonkered by her obliviousness – just wish she was unique – as stories on this site clearly show she’s not. Heavy sigh.

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