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I went to a local fast food restaurant for lunch. This particular location is known for being slow on the best of days-10 or more minutes to get food usually. This is not the best of days. Either something broke or half the crew didn’t show up for work because the drivethru is closed. So I head in to the dining room. It is nearly 1:30 so the main lunch rush should be done but there are about seven groups in line to order and even more waiting to get their food. The guy in front of me starts grumbling about the single cashier. The line grinds to a halt when a customer comes up to complain about their food not being right and the cashier is the only person to take complaints. It becomes apparent she doesn’t know what to do and the guy in front of me starts muttering to himself about her inefficiency. One of the other workers comes from the back and handles it but it does take a few minutes. The cashier goes back to taking orders. Finally, it is the turn of the guy in front of me.
Him: Both these are the same, right? Two original with mashed potatoes and gravy. White meat pieces. The same, the same. Original. Mashed potatoes and gravy.
Cashier: Okay. Would you like to make them meals?
Him: No, the same. Exactly the same. Separate bags. The same, both.
Cashier: Okay, your total is total.
He gets his money out and pays. Right as she is handing him his change:
Him: That comes with a drink, right?
Cashier: No, only the combos come with drinks.
Him: I wanted the combo, give me my drinks!
Cashier looks at him like a deer in headlights still holding the change as he starts yelling at her.
I looked at the line of people still waiting for their food and the poor minimum wage slave who was apparently undertrained and overworked and hightailed it out of there.
I went to the competitor across the street and had my food within three minutes. The obnoxious customer was wearing his delivery service uniform too—way to represent your business, pal.