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Customer: Can I have this in a medium?

Me: No.

Customer: Why not?

Me: It’s a book, it only comes in one size.

Customer: Can’t you just cut it in half?

Me: Then you would lose half the book.

Customer: *offended* You’re the rudest person I have ever met. I demand a refund, and vouchers, and that you be fired!

Me: You haven’t bought anything, I’m not giving you anything because, and this is important, I’m the owner, so I won’t be firing myself.

Customer: *smugly* Well, I’ll just phone your employer! *storms out*

An hour later, I answer the phone.

Customer: Yes, I want to complain about that wart you have working on your front desk. He was very rude to me, he started swearing and making rude and highly inappropriate gestures. SEXUAL GESTURES!

Me: Umm, you’re talking to the man that served you. Never come back to my store again.

Customer: F**K YOU!

She also tried to send several letters of complaint, which were swiftly ignored.