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(The registers at my store are set up differently from most other stores. We have no belts, so the cashier has to unload the cart while scanning. Parents who have children will sometimes leave the child in the cart while they walk around to the other side to pay. Most of the time, the kids don’t have a problem since their parent is only five feet away.
A customer comes up to my register with her grandchildren. The youngest is maybe a year old. Grandma walks around to the card reader. The youngest has turned around in her seat to watch me unload the cart and is perfectly calm. As soon as I am done, I walk around to push the cart to the end of the lane so the bagger can load it back up. As I do this, the child lets out this deafening scream. Grandma tries to calm her down while she pays, but the child won’t stop screaming. It isn’t until Grandma walks back over to the cart that she stops. As they walk away, my bagger turns to me.)
Bagger: Did I scare her?