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Customers often pay their bills through an automatic monthly withdrawal. When they sign up, they choose the day each month that their payment is withdrawn. You can change which day you would like your payment withdrawn, but it must be changed BEFORE that month’s bill is due.
Caller: I wanted to see if my payment for yesterday went through?
Me: Let me check- yes, I do see your payment of $xxx was withdrawn yesterday.
Caller: Is there any way to make that not happen? I wanted that money for something else.
Me: I’m afraid once a payment is made, we cannot cancel it, if the funds are available and the bank approves the withdrawal.
Caller: No, but I want that money for something else. I need you to give it back.
Me: Any adjustments to a pending payment must be made before the withdrawal is made.
Caller: Well I meant to call, but I had to work!
Me: I’m very sorry, but once a payment is made, we can’t just give it back. Refunds are only issued for cancellation.
Caller: FINE. Whatever. (hangs up)

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