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(A customer comes up to my til with a router and I scan it)

Customer: Oh, I need a USB stick, too. Something cheap.

Me: We’ve got a bin over here with a whole bunch of cheap flash drives. You can look in there for one if you want. Otherwise the rest of them are in aisle 2.

(She looks through the bin and picks one out, and adds it to her order. After she pays, she notices other flashdrives on the clip strip at my cash, which I hadn’t noticed were there)

Customer: Oh, these ones here are cheaper!

Me: Oh, so they are! Do you want to exchange it?

Customer: No, it’s ok.

Me: Alright.

(The next day we got a survey response from her complaining that I was trying to get more commission by not telling her about the cheaper flash drives. Also, we don’t work on commission)

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