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(I am actually a customer in this story. For whatever reason, I tend to get mistaken for retail staff all the time. Apparently I just look approachable…? In this particular story I am dress shopping for a wedding, so I am going to higher end women’s clothing stores where the staff tend to be dressed nicely. I was wearing boots, ripped jeans and a grey hoodie.)

Customer #1: Excuse me, but where are the fitting rooms?

Me: *Looks up from rack confused* I’m not sure. In the back right corner of the store I think?

Customer #1: Ok, thanks!

(Customer #1 leaves and I continue my shopping)

Customer #2: Excuse me, where are the pantyhose?

Me: I think I saw them by the register? I’d check there first.

Customer #2: Ok thanks!

(Customer #2 leaves and I continue my shopping.)

Customer #3: Excuse me.

(I did not realize she was talking to me, so I continued to do my shopping.)

Customer #3: *louder* Excuse me!

Me: Uh … yes?

Customer #3: *holds up dress* Is this dress available in a size 8?

Me: Honestly, I don’t know. You should ask that lady over there. She probably knows. *Points to an actual sale’s associate*

Customer #3: No, I am asking you. Now do what you are paid to do and help me find a dress or I will call a manager!

Me: Ma’am, I’m not being paid at all. I don’t work here.

Customer #3: Don’t lie to me! I saw you helping those other two customers!

Me: They also mistook me for an employee, though I honestly have no idea why. I was just being polite and giving them my best guess at an answer, but I can honestly tell you I don’t know what size they have in any of these dresses. You’ll have to go ask someone who works here.

Customer #3: This is terrible customer service! I want to speak with your manager!

Me: *Getting extremely annoyed* Lady, look at my clothes, do I look like I work here?

Customer #3: *Suddenly beginning to doubt herself* Oh, well…

Me: That’s what I thought.

(Eventually the lady did go to a sale’s associate and ask for help, though I noticed that she used a far more civil tone with the sale’s girl than she did with me. She also avoided eye contact with me when I stood behind her in the checkout line.)