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I have gone to the front to unlock the doors. There is a customer already waiting.

Me: Good morning!

Customer: Do you call this “excellent service” *points to a sign on the door saying that*

I can already tell by her tone that she is going to be unreasonable.

Me: No, I call this opening the doors.

Customer: What time do you open?

Me: Ten.

Customer: And, what time is it?

Me: *checking my watch* Nine fifty-nine.

Customer: Exactly!

She barges past me and into the woman’s section. She notices a table of jeans all neatly folded. She turns back and stares right at me as she pushes half of the jeans off. She then stomps off to do her shopping. I sighed and called the guard to have her taken out. After she was outside the building, she spat at the guard and then the door with the “excellent service” sign, before getting in her car and driving over a pavement instead of taking the normal route out of the car park.

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