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(I work as a support agent and occasionally it’s a challenge to reach some of my customers by phone due to their field, so often I will rely on email correspondence. I have been emailing a particular customer back and forth for a few days before we finally set up a time for a phone call so that I can access her computer. I have sent her almost a dozen emails at this point trying to schedule the call. One thing to note is that I go by a nickname that is extremely common for my legal, full name. Think “Jake” for “Jacob” kind of common. I sign every single email with my nickname, using standard, but quite visible, 12pt font. My legal name is only associated with my actual email address.)

Me: “[Department], this is [Nickname]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes… uhm, I’m trying to reach [Legal name]?”

Me: “And what’s your name?”

Customer: “I’m [Customer’s full name].”

Me: “Oh! Yes, I have your information already pulled up. I’m glad you’ve called so we can get this resolved.”

Customer: “But I was working with [Legal name].”

Me: “Yes, I am [Legal name].”

Customer: “But… you go by [Nickname]?”

Me: “Typically, yes. But I will respond to both names.”

Customer: “Oh. That’s weird. I thought your name was [Legal name].”

Me: “Yes, it is. I typically go by [Nickname] but [Legal name] is my given name.”

Customer: “Okay. But that’s weird. I thought it was [Legal name].”

Me: (Shaking my head.)