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I’ve been asked to get a sewing machine for a couple, I carried it through our large store and am just a couple of metres from the counter when the husband stands in front of me in the middle of the only walkway to the counter. He tries to take the machine off me, but I back away. I don’t feel comfortable giving him the machine.

Me “Excuse me, you are in my way” *I notice that his wife is standing off to the side of the furthermost counter, quite close to our door My co-worker is waiting for the machine at the closest counter normally customers waiting for machines stay at the counter where the cashier is. My internal warning bells were ringing.

Man “I’m only trying to help you, it’s too heavy for you to carry. You can give it to me”

Me “No I need to take it to the counter, I can’t just give it to you”

Man “It’s too heavy for a woman to carry” Trying to grab the machine, I step back again.

Me “I’ll be putting it down in a few moments any way, if you would just let me through”.

Man “Sorry I was trying to help” *finally steps out of the way. “It’s too heavy for a woman”
I take the machine to the counter and keep a hold on it until my co-worker finalises the sale, I notice that the wife has now moved next the husband. I don’t know whether they had planned on taking it but I’ve learned in the past to always rely on my first impression.