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(My library has receipt tape that is sticky on one side so we can place it on the covers of books. This allows patrons to keep better track of the amount of books they have checked out and when they are all due. Whenever I print out the receipt, I usually stick it right on the front cover so I can see the due date myself and state it directly to the patron I am checking out.
This happens right before I am about to end my shift for the day. I have just printed out the receipt that has a different due date on each of the books. I don’t really like waiting on this patron because they always seem to have an attitude.)

Me: *Places receipt on the front cover as usual* Alright, so the one book will be due on [date] and…

Patron: I want it on the back! *Grabs the book, rips the tape off the front, turns the book over, slamming it loudly onto the desk and slaps the tape on the back cover* Otherwise you can’t see what the title of the book is!

Me: *without missing a beat* Well, you can always put it on the back after you leave. Your other book is due on [date]. Have a great afternoon.

Patron: *looks at me as if I’ve just insulted them before walking away*

(Surprisingly they haven’t given me any more trouble about it when they come in!)

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