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A woman came in with her son and bought the last of our toy pistols that shoot bubbles. They are a holdover from Christmas so are marked down to $10 from $25. She’s very pleasant the entire time. A few minutes later she comes back in and literally throws the ripped apart packaging on the counter.

Customer (waving the packaging remains emphatically): This says it comes with ‘bubble ammo’ but there isn’t any AT ALL!
Me: Oh dear, may I see the packaging?
Customer: Someone had clearly TAPED THE TOP BACK On so someone must have KNOWN there was none in there. I shop here ALL THE TIME and this is just SHODDY.
Me: It’s possible it was a return that was meant to be marked as damaged and somehow didn’t. Since it’s the last one, I would be happy to give you store credit as a refund and you can keep the gun.
Me: I’m offering to return it and put the money onto your account to be sued later.
Customer: I just think I should be compensated, it doesn’t have all the pieces.
Me: ..Yes. Would you like to return it?
Customer: I shop here all the time.
Me: Yes, I recognized you when you came in. How can I make this better for you?
Customer: I feel like at least a partial refund or something should happen don’t you think, since you messed up?
Me: You want me to credit $5 to your account?
Customer: I said REFUND.
Me: Well, it’s against our store policy but I will cash out a $5 partial refund for you since this is an unusual situation.
Customer: Fine.

I hand her the $5, and as she’s leaving we exchange a few more words.S suddenly she’s EXTREMELY sweet.

Me: You can always mix dish soap and water together to make a new bubble solution! And That company does sell refills for the “ammo” Online.
Customer: Oh I know, I looked it up before I came in.
Me: Great! Well, have a great day then!
Customer: I will! You can spend your day checking your stock for more damaged items!

The cherry on top was this woman IS a regular customer and frequently spends thousands of dollars on a whim with us, as she’s regularly redecorating her home. She came in and bit my head off over $5, when she knows very well this is the first time she’s ever encountered anything even slightly wrong with her purchases.