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Today, as I was working cashier, I had a real crazy lady come in. First, she was annoyed that my register was the second one in a block of two (which is clearly marked by lights, and my light was the only one on as we’re a smallish store). I knew by the look she gave me for being on the “wrong side” that I was in for trouble.

So, towards the end of the transaction, another customer comes to the cash register. As is customary (in basically every retail store I have ever been inside), I smiled at the person who entered the line and said hi. I was only waiting for the card to go through for the customer I was working with, so it wasn’t like she was actively asking questions or anything. However, the moment I said hi to the next customer, she snapped her fingers at me. So, I turn to look at her.

Her response: Excuse me, aren’t we still working here?

Some people are just crazy.