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(I work in the Auto Care Center at a national retail store. We had just closed up shop five minutes prior when the phone rings as I was cleaning up the counter.)
Me: *answers phone* Automotive. How can I help you?
Woman: My tire went flat and I got your Road Hazard Warrenty.
Me: Well, we closed five minutes ago, by you can come in in the morning when we open at seven and we can repair it for you.
Woman: I can’t drive on a flat tire!
(Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do well with confrontation, so I kind of went silent.)
Woman: You need to come out here and fix my tire.
Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t do that.
(Our Road Hazard Warranty isn’t road side assistance. We don’t have the equipment to do that plus wouldn’t be able to for liability reasons)
Woman: We’ll if I would known you wouldn’t come out here I wouldn’t have bought the d*** to a hazard!
(Side note: we have copies of our road hazard warranty sitting on the counter for everyone to read.)
Me: I’m sorry, ma’am.
Woman: I’m reporting you to the better business bureau! *hangs up*
Me: *to myself*…the f*** just happen?