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I work in the jewelry department where we offer minor services for people who have purchased watches there that includes taking links out of watches and changing the batteries. I am only 18 but am fairly good at handling the watches to the point where if they need me, the managers will take me out of other departments to work on a watch. I am there that day with a new coworker and I have her take links out of a practice watch to get used to it while I greet customers.
Me: Hi, where you needing help with anything today?
Customer: I need my watch resized.
Me: No problem, if you could please just try it on so I can measure how many to take out.
Customer: No, you’re too inexperienced, I want somebody who knows what they’re doing.
He then goes over to my coworker who is still trying to figure the process out.
Customer: I need you to remove links from my watch.
Coworker: I’m sorry. I’m new and I don’t know how to properly do that yet.
She calls me over.
Coworker: Could you help this gentleman with taking some links out of a watch.
Me: I would be glad to. Put on your watch so I can measure you.
He watched me like a hawk the entire time too which just makes it harder. Not even a thank you when I was done.