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, | Unfiltered | December 4, 2020

(So I work in a small, independent clothing store, where I sell clothes for mainly women in their fourties. One day a woman comes in and right off the bat I noticed tha she’s a bit.. extra. Please note that I don’t think of myself as fat, maybe a littlebit chubby. But I’m a healthy 24 yo woman)

Cusomer: You know people are way to fat nowadays.
Me: really?
Customer: Really! You’ll be surprised when you walk down the street at how many fat people there are, it’s becoming a problem!
Me, trying to stay polite: I never really noticed that, but it can be a problem I guess.
Customer: You know, some people are so fat, that you look thin next to them!
Me, in shock: ehhh.. ok?

(This never happened to me in all the years I worked in retail, and to be honest I never really thought that this would ever happen in real life, I’m still in shock)