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I work at a candy shop and we aren’t allowed to give samples for sanitation reasons.

I see a group of teenage boys take some candy with their hands out of one of the candy bins.

Me: Hey guys, no samples okay? It’s for sanitary reasons.

They nod and I go back to cleaning. I see in one of the mirrors around the store them taking candy again.

Me: *I speak loudly because I find embarrassment is a good reinforcer* Hey guys, I DISTINCTLY remember telling you not to take any candy, okay?

I see them take a bag and start to fill it up with candy. I continue walking around the store and eventually I see the same boys walk to the front of the store to pay and eat candy right from the bag (which is stealing as they haven’t paid for it yet.)

Me: Okay I’ve told you three times not to eat candy!

Boy #1: But we’re paying!

Me: You haven’t paid for it yet! You’re old enough to know ‘no means no.’ * I motion for the bag and the boys hands it over* Get out and don’t come back!

The boys walk out sheepishly and my coworker looks about half a second away from bursting out laughing but she’s busy as a cashier.

Coworker: Wow [other coworker] told me you were intense about candy but that was great! You’re like our little guard dog! A woman in line said ‘good for her.’

Me: Would you believe me when I say I hate confrontation? Look, my hand is literally shaking.

My manager wasn’t super happy when she came back from break and heard the story, as we’re not supposed to confront shoplifters, but thankfully I didn’t get in trouble.