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(This is my first job and I’m working as a cashier. Our store has a garden center and it’s a week after Memorial Day Weekend and all of our sales are no longer available. One of our customers was, unfortunately, told that some of our hanging baskets were still 2 for $10, which had been part of the aforementioned sale that had ended, which now sold for $13. I rang him up and he went about his business. He suddenly stormed back through the entrance, receipt in hand.)

Customer: Excuse me, those plants were only $5 each.

Me: I’m sorry sir, that sale ended after Memorial Day Weekend.

Customer: Um, no. That guy over there told me they were. Ask him. He said they were.

Me: Well sir I’m very sorry but that sale did end last week and they are back to $13.

Customer: But he said they were, ask him, ASK HIM!

Me: I’m sorry, he was incorrect.

Customer: Fine, I’ll just give it all back and leave that out there for you guys to put back. Let’s just process the return out here.

(Our store has a service desk right inside the garden doors and normal registers cannot process returns.)

Me: I don’t have the ability to do a return out here sir, our service desk is right inside.

Customer: No, I don’t want to go inside, just do it out here.

Me: Sir I’m sorry I can’t give you your money back out here. It’s out of my hands.

Customer: You’re a piece of sh**.

(He walked out the doors angrily and we never knew if he returned his items or even took them with him.)

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