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So I work at a McDonald’s in the UK, we’re on a bit roundabout so it’s often extremely busy. Because we only have one lane on our drive thru we have to send people outside with our handhelds – tablets that are programmed the same as the tills – to help the cue move. One day there are two people outside but it’s really quiet, so while one was taking orders the other was cleaning our menu boards. This van comes round to the payment window, where I’m working, not having placed an order. I had seen him on the CCTV go straight past the girl waiting to take her order and the order point, so I was expecting a complaint. Before I could talk, however, this guy had a lot to say.
Customer: You really need to sort those C***s outside, I sat and waited for them to take my f***ing order but they were just sitting on your f***ing bins they need a warning or some sh**.
Me: (Not in the mood for this as I’m on my 8th hour of a 12 hour shift on my 17th day in a row) I’m extremely sorry sir but there is only one person outside and I can currently hear her taking an order. However, I’m sure we can sort something out.
C: Don’t talk to me like that just because you’re a sl** working at some s***ty McDonald’s doesn’t mean you can be so f***ing rude.

So I walked away and got a manager, who happens to be one of my best mates and grew up down the road from me. He comes in the window and is immediately barraged by swearing and complaints, however the customer has now gone from these girls sitting on bins to being IN them. My manager basically asked him to leave and said that the way the gentleman was acting was fitting of calling the police, and if he didn’t leave we would.

Fast forward to the next day and pretty much the same situation with the same guy – he speeds round the corner and immediately starts complaining that the people outside are doing nothing and not working. But we didn’t have anyone outside because of the weather and I voiced this to the man. He started the same story about how rude our staff our just because of where we work – and then started the “WHAT ABOUT THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS BEING RIGHT!”. I absolutely hate that saying. Same manager on shift who can hear everything going on.
Me: Well I’m sorry sir but the official definition of a customer is a person who has paid for your produce at that time (Probably complete bull but it sounded good at the time) and since you haven’t actually ordered anything and have definitely not just paid for something you are not our customer, which most definitely does not make you right. As for the way I’m speaking to you, it is definitely befitting someone of your statute and the horrendous way you’ve spoken to me over the past two days.
So before I can go into some full on bitch mode at this guy my manager walks in, informs the guy that his behaviour has resulted in the police being called (Never actually happened) and this guy hightails it out of there, and so far none of us have seen him.