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I work as a quasi-server at a fast food restaurant near my house. I worked there for 2 years in high school, and now for past six months during the spring/summer of my 5th year of college (don’t judge, engineering requires 5+ years to complete unless you want to take 17-18 hour semesters). So I have worked at this particular location for a decent amount of time, and I can say that this is the weirdest experience I have ever experienced. This bizarre incident starts with me taking out a gentleman’s order to his car. I have checked the bag/items so I know this is the correct order.

Me: Good afternoon sir! Did you have a [his order; something close to cheeseburger, fries, and Coke].
Customer: (looks at me with a frustrated expression) I ordered a Route 44 [Coke].
Me: Yes sir. (sidebar: the entire order is completely within his view, food bag and giant drink, which is OBVIOUSLY a Route 44.)

The customer makes no further comment and proceeds to roll up his window and back out of the parking space. I should also note that he already paid for his food with a credit card. This means the entire event doesn’t cause any real concern to me because I don’t have to worry about collecting the money. So I go inside and tell my coworkers and manager about this strange interaction. We are all extremely confused about this man’s behavior. Then about one minute later the guy pulls into the drive-thru.

Customer: (in an angry manner) I ordered my food a while ago and I still haven’t received my order.
Me: (to my coworker, upon noticing on the drive-thru’s video monitor that it is the same car as the guy I just visited) What the f***, seriously?! Whatever, it’s okay, just tell him I’ll be out in a minute.

Me: (walk out to his car in the drive-thru lane) Hello sir, did you order [the same order].
Customer: (more hostile than before) I ordered a Route 44!
Me: Yes sir.
Customer: (extremely angry) Is there a problem?!
Me: (confused and more than a little annoyed) No there isn’t. THIS [gesture to drink that is right in front of his face] is your Route 44.

He doesn’t say anything else now but keeps an unhappy expression on his face. I then give him his order with noticeable irritation because at this point I don’t care too much about customer service and just want to get away from this guy. Upon returning to the inside of the building I vent my anger and irritation at having to deal with this guy.

I just want to say that I don’t read out the entire order verbatim because some of them are rather long and it was read back to them when they finish ordering. Its a waste of time, especially when we’re busy, and honestly why repeat what they literally just heard? I have never had a customer complain. Sometimes they’ll ask a question about whether there was no tomatoes or something, but I just look at the ticket and answer – almost always – in the affirmative. What annoys me the most about this encounter is that I was irritated for the rest of my shift. This man effectively ruined my day by being an grade-A d***.