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(I am talking to a customer quite in depth about redesigning her living room. We’re calculating how much fabric she’ll need when a qoman barges into the store.)

Woman: (interrupts me and my customer mid-talk) Can I borrow the phone?!

(I note that the woman doesn’t look stressed, but annoyed. Knowing we need to keep our phone lines open at all times for calls from customers and HQ, this isn’t an option.)

Me: I’m sorry, only personnal may use the phone.

Woman: Well, it’ll be quick!

Me: I’m sorry, I really can’t lend you the phone. If it’s urgent, you could ask a customer for their cell phone…

Woman: (interrupts me) Well then I need a plastic bag!

(Just last week a new law passed where we must greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, and before that we weren’t allowed to give bags allowed way anyhow.)

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, we’re not allowed to pass out bags without a purchase.

Woman: Just give me one!

Me: I’m really sorry, but…

Woman: Just give me a bag! I need a bag!

(Realising this woman isn’t going to fold I turn to grab a bag and reach over to hand it to her. The bag is slightly wrinkly as they all spend the day in stacks.)

Woman: NO! A NEW one! I need a NEW bag!

(I reach down and get a bag that has fewer wrinkles on it. The woman snatches it from my hand, crumples it up in her hand and shoves it into her purse and barges out of the store without another word. I turn back to my customer and we both share a moment of quiet, compact confusion.)

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