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, | Unfiltered | December 3, 2020

I have worked for US based companies for over 9 years. I seem to have internalized the accent to an extent that very often, customers calling in would assume that I’m and American and often proceed on to passing racist remarks on my colleagues in India. Most would end up asking me which state I’m located in and when I say India they always express amusement (and apologies, if they were passing the remark earlier). This particular call came in because the customer was travelling and a few fraudulent charges came up on her card and so her charges were reversed and the card was invalidated.

Customer: I was promised it wouldn’t be invalidated.

Me: Ms. X, I apologize if you were informed of that but the individual who took your call yesterday has no power to decide that your card would not be invalidated. If there is a fraud investigation, the system invalidates the card to avoid any further fraud. I would be happy to overnight the card to you and make sure you get it first thing tomorrow morning.

Customer: Where are you located?

Me: India

Customer: YOU F@#$&$# B#$@&!!

Me (a little assertive): Excuse me? Would you like to take that back? Because I’m requesting you to refrain from using profanity.

Customer (realizing that I had already offered her the solution before her outburst but not willing to accept that an Indian was giving it to her): No, I will not take that back but what I want you to do is send me the replacement so I receive it tomorrow.

Me (letting it go): Sure. I’ll do you one better- I’m going to take care of the cost for FEDEX.

Customer (thanklessly): fine.

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