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I work in Airline luggage claims. WON’T company works for a lot of differant airlines-each with their own rules about how the claims process works. Customers often get super irate when they can’t get their own way. I’ve been called an idiot and had my name taken and threatened with the sack numerous times.
Almost every time the customer has a huge rant and demands the number for the airline customer service line thinking that if they rant at the airline in the same way, the rules will chafe and they’ll get their own way instead. Almost every time they don’t and end up calling us back to go with whatever was originally offered. It’s one of the best parts of my day when a customer rants and rants only to sheepishly call back a few hours later admitting defeat.
What most people don’t realise though is that I actually have a lot more freedom to bed the rules than I let on and that if they spoke to me without calling me names and treating me like a verbal punchbag or some kind of therapist- I’d actually be a lot more helpful.
Note: Customer service agents often have a lot more authority than you think be nice to them!