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I’m a cashier at a national pet store chain. It’s near the end of my shift, and the coworker who’s going to take over is already clocked in. It also happens to be my last day before moving to New Jersey, and I’m transferring to a store down there. A woman comes in to return something in a plastic bag. She has her Yorkie with her, who pees on the floor at the register.

Customer: “Oh s***, she just peed. Can someone clean it up?”

I point out our cleaning station that’s not far away, but she starts wiping the pee with her plastic bag. I’m speechless.

Customer: “Oh, now it’s everywhere.”

I process her return, thinking “No s***, Sherlock!”, and she goes off to browse.

Me (to coworker, while cleaning the mess): “Did she seriously think plastic would do anything but spread it around? It’s not f***ing absorbent!”

Coworker: “Her dog pees every time she comes in here. It’s your last day, you shoulda said something to her!”

Me: “It’s my last day HERE, and if she’d complained to [Manager] he probably wouldn’t care, but if she’d gone to [District Manager], he might’ve told [New Store Leader], and that’s not what I call a good first impression.

I finish cleaning the mess, sanitize my hands, clock out, say my goodbyes, and go home to continue packing.

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