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Caller: I was calling to ask how much your calendars are.

(We carry close to 1000 different calendars, including regular wall calendars, page-a-day style desk calendars, tent-style desk calendars, deskpad calendars, daily/weekly/monthly planners, dry erase calendars that show the whole year at once, etc. Giving a price range of $2.00 to $250.00 (a large framed dry erase calendar can run that high) is pretty meaningless.)

Me: If you let me know which type of calendar you need I can give you a price range, or if there’s a specific calendar you’re looking at, I can take the item number and get the price.

Caller: I need the big one that you can write stuff on.

(This cuts it down to (probably) just the larger sizes of the regular wall calendars, the deskpad calendars, maybe some of the largest sizes of planners and the dry erase calendars, but that’s still several hundred varieties and only cuts down the price range to $7-$250.)

Me: Is it a deskpad…

Caller (interrupts): Maybe I should just go look at your website. (hungs up)

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