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I’m working the register and a woman comes up with two ink cartridges in a bag and three in boxes from the shelves. We have ink recycling services, so people bringing up used cartridges is a common occurence.

Me: Good afternoon, ma’am. recycling those, buying these?
Woman: No, I want a refund! (Points at the bagged cartridges) I put these in my printer and they didn’t work! They wouldn’t even fit! And this is the only place where I buy ink, mind you! So, I want a refund.

(We normally don’t do refunds on already opened ink, but on the occasion they do I just radio the manager to ask what to do for each case.)

Me: Alright, ma’am, I’ll see what I can do. Do you have a receipt – (at this point I notice something unusual concerning the cartridges she has.) Ma’am? These cartridges (holds up the ones in the bag) are 220s. You’re buying 200s.
Woman: Oh. That explains why they wouldn’t fit.
Me: So, do you still…
Woman: Recycle those, buying these.

(She spent the rest of the checkout apologizing for her anger earlier, laughing at her own mistake.)