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I used to work at a nearby body piercing shop as a licensed piercer, and there were a number of times we had to deal with unpleasant customers. As the senior piercer, I had a position similar to a manager in which I was in charge of the clerks, and they’d come to me when they needed help.

One day, one of the clerks handed me the phone after having been on the line for a few minutes with a man who was yelling at her. I took the phone in irritation because I have little patience with people who continue to throw a fit for no reason.

Me: [already irritated] This is (my name), how can I help you?
Man: I demand to speak to the deli section. You’re employee refused to connect me with the deli.
Me: [immediately dumbfounded] Sir, this is a body piercing store.
Man: [getting angrier] If you don’t connect me to the deli section, I’m going to report you! I’ll take this all the way up!
Me: You’re calling [title of the store] Body Piercing. We do not have a deli section. You have the wrong number.
Man: [finally gets it after being yelled at] Oh… I must have the wrong number.

No f***ing sh*t, man. Out of the 10-digit phone number we had, only one of the numbers

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