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(I work at a popular hardware store. Today I was a cashier and an older lady came up to purchase her items. Our card reader is often finicky and has to reset for a couple seconds in order to work).
Customer: *immediately inserts her card before I was done ringing her things up*
Me: You can go ahead and take your card out so I can catch up and finish ringing everything up, sorry about that!
Customer: *rolls her eyes and gets huffy while I finish ringing everything up*
Me: Alright you can go ahead and insert your card now.
Customer: *inserts her card, the machine acts up and is taking too long to read it*
Me: I’m so sorry, these machines act up sometimes, if you could just remove your card one more time it’ll reset and should work.
Customer: *takes out her card and immediately shoves it back in, then it starts beeping because she jammed it in before the machine could reset*
Me: Try taking it out one more time, just give the machine a second to reset.
Customer: *takes her card out, tries to immediately put it back in before I stop her, machine resets in about 5 seconds*
Me: There ya go now you can-
Customer: Now I can what? This is bullshit and I know that you’re scamming me out of my money and I just paid for all these items twice. I’m calling the police.
She then proceeds to leave with a cart full of items and we had to have a manager chase her down in the parking lot before she drove away, leaving the cart in the parking lot.

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