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(I’m looking at some cherries at the local market, and an employee behind the counter offers me a sample. There is clearly a sign right in front of me that says “PLEASE ASK BEFORE TAKING A SAMPLE.” As I’m eating my sample cherry, a woman comes up next to me and grabs a couple cherries off the display and pops them into her mouth.)

Employee: *clearly annoyed* “Hello! Would you like to ASK for a sample?”

Woman: “Oh it’s not a problem, I just wanted to taste.”

Employee: “Yes well, it’s considered polite to ask before you take one.”

Woman: “Ah, but in California they always say please go ahead, taste whatever you like!” (note: I have no idea why this was relevant. She had a french accent and clearly wasn’t American, and every farmer’s market I’d been to in California (where I grew up) had the same rule about sampling.)

Employee: “Yes, well we’re not in California. Also, these cherries on display have been sitting here for two days, and haven’t been washed. If you had asked me first, I could have given you a clean one from behind the counter.”

Woman: *accusingly* “Oh, so you think I am going to get sick?”

Employee: “Well, probably not but I have no control over it since you chose to eat dirty fruit.”

(They go back and forth for awhile, neither of them willing to let the subject drop and the woman still unwilling to apologize. I would have left but I had to awkwardly wait until they were done before I could pay for my fruit.)

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