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Was standing at the front desk while the adoption councilor went to the Animal Control building next door. I’m a kennel technician. A man walked in and starts yelling about how he has one of our dogs he adopted two weeks ago in his truck and I have to take it back. Mind you I was trying to stay calm after already having a rough day.
Guy: I have a lot of complaints about this! I adopted this dog for my wife and I, she’s 85 years old and this one is WAY too hyper! (The dog is a 2 year old pitbull mix).
Me: I’m sorry to hear that sir! If you want to pass me her leash I can do a return adopti-
Guy: I expect you to return every penny I paid for it and pay for the vet bill I have to pay! She is too hyper and heart worm positive! I saw online she was $25 to adopt (was for a spay/neuter voucher) and had to pay $120 instead! Then I was told I could get a free vet check and I went yesterday and now I have to pay $50!
Me: I’m sorry sir but you signed an adoption contract stating that it’s a nonrefundable adoption and that the free check is for three days after the adoption and only covers the physical exam. It was also stated to you that the dog was tested heartworm positive before the adoption and you signed a wavier stating you understood what it meant and that you understood the costs to treat it and that we are not responsible for the payment of said treatment. All this is told to you during the adoption process and is on the contract you signed and initialed stating you understood what you read and were told.
Guy: *throws the adoption papers at me and tosses the leash at the desk* I don’t care what you do to the damn dog but I expect my money back and my vet bill paid or else!
(Thankfully the adoption councilor was able to calm him down after I told her the situation and went into the back office to cry. I’m 19 and this idiot was 45. He called both us girls b*tches and stated how he’s going to sue us for fraud and theft. Legally we’re covered but come on!) Tasha is still looking for a home that will actually LOVE her AND play with her!