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(A customer comes into the store and picks up a flyer at the counter I’m standing at.)

Customer: Is this expired?

Me: No, it’s good until *date*

Customer: It isn’t good until then!?

Me: No, it is. It is good.

Customer: Oh. (He looked at a couple pages in the flyer)

Me: Were you just looking through the flyer, or did you have questions?

Customer: I’m not allowed to look at the flyer!?

Me: Yes… yes, you are. I was just asking if you were just here to look at the flyer, or if you had any questions you needed answered.

Customer: If I have questions, I’ll ask! J**** C*****!!! (He then stormed out of the store as if I had offended him)

Me: (To my coworker) … I wasn’t rude… I wasn’t being rude, was I?

A different customer: No, I guarantee you that you were not.

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