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Some time ago, I worked at a party supplies store for their Halloween season. The store was packed with parents and children anxious to pick out costumes, and when this particular story took place, I was to direct dressing room traffic. There was a black line of tape marking where customers were to stand in line and wait to be accommodated. I noticed a young woman standing right behind the tape; she was staring into space and refused to meet my eye.
Me: Hi! Would you like to try on a costume?
(The customer shook her head and rolled her eyes belligerently, still not looking me in the face.)
Me: (caught off guard) …Okay, then would you mind stepping a few feet off to the side and making room for other customers in line?
Customer: (shrugging defiantly and not making eye contact) No.
(At this I was dumbfounded and had to take a moment to process her audacity and grapple for a response.)
Me: (trying not to laugh) ….Why..not?
Customer: I don’t have to f****** move, don’t ask me again….Mother******* line.
(I calmly walked to the back and quietly told my manager that I had a hostile, aggressive customer who was not complying with orders.
Manager: Just ignore her and direct other customers around her.
Reluctantly, I walked back to my post to clean the dressing rooms; the problematic customer was still there. Not wanting to let the entire situation go completely, as I turned the corner to the dressing room hallway, I looked over my shoulder and gave her my best death-glare-from-hell-with-all-the-sin-of-mankind. This didn’t go unnoticed by her. I overheard her ranting to her companion as I cleaned the dressing rooms.
Customer: She asked me to move and I didn’t. So f****** what?

The story spread like wildfire; all of my coworkers scheduled that day had known what happened within ten minutes. I never knew what exactly became of her, if she was eventually asked to leave–or simply left after some time, scot-free.

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