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(I’m a manager on the night shift of a major fast food chain. It’s a Thursday night, and those can be just as busy as Fridays and Saturdays without the extra person on hand. It’s 5 minutes before close and we’ve got a pretty steady line of cars, and the cashier is answering a question from the customer at the window when this particular car pulls up)

Cashier: “Welcome to (restaurant), I’ll be with you in a second.”
Voice from car: “Dude, what the f***!” *He begins to order anyways*
Cashier: (Patiently and politely) “I’ll be with you in just a second, man, I’m helping someone at the window.”
Customer: (to his friends in the car) “This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing.”
Cashier: (again, patiently and politely) “I do know what I’m doing, man, I’m just helping this guy and I’ll be with you in a second.”
Customer; “Nah, you don’t know what you’re doing.”
Me: “Look, do you guys want to get served or not?”
Customer: “Dude, it’s (name of restaurant), we’re gonna get served.”
Me: “Not if you keep arguing with us you won’t.”
(I’m not-so-secretly hoping that he keeps mouthing off because kicking people out is a power I don’t exercise that often, but one of the cooler heads in the car prevails, and by this point the cashier is ready for their order. They order $25 or so worth of food and at the window the driver explains to the cashier that it was the obnoxious guy’s 21st birthday.)

Me: “I remember my first beer.”