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I work at a membership based warehouse. You have to pay a yearly fee to shop there (yes there’s three places you’re all thinking of). Despite our strict policies on signing up for a membership there’s still the occasional idiot who will try to sign up for a membership and credit card with a false identity. I’m a supervisor at one of those warehouses who just happened to go on a cash register to get the lines down on a busy Saturday. A member (with his apparently bored girlfriend who was chewing gum and staring into space the whole time, who both looked 18 years old) goes through my line with a 65″ 4K TV and high end republic of gamers computer. Their total was $5,400.

For those unfamiliar with the membership based companies, if the name on the card of payment doesn’t match with the name on the membership, you are to question it and ask for ID. In this case, the membership card name said one name (let’s call him Eric) while the payment was a credit card with a totally different name (AKA Jane) which I assumed to be the gum smacking girl. By coincidence, the two first names used were the same as me and my husband. I tried to use this to ease some tension in the situation.

Me: wow Eric it’s so funny, my husband is an Eric while your significant other has the same name as me *points to name badge*I guess it’s a good name grouping

They then give each other a confused look then stare at me like I’m an idiot

Me: “well isn’t she Jane and you are Eric?”

*More blank stares*

They then tell me to run the credit card, which I already know won’t process because it’s a paper instant credit card given by the company that clearly states “5,500 limit, only $3,200 useable immediately”. The first thought through my head was “there’s no way these kids got approved for that amount and even if they did… Why would they spend it all in one shot and ruin their credit?” After that it was clear to me from my banter that the girl was clearly not named Jane. , I decided to attempt to ring them up to humor them.

Yeah… It was denied. The guy made up an excuse and said he was going to the ATM to withdraw the 2,400 in cash. Yeah… We aren’t idiots so the second he left his membership and license was flagged and security footage reviewed. But it was not necessary… The idiot immediately drove from our warehouse to one 20 miles away. With the same membership but different MALE identity he tried the same thing… Yes this guy used his own personal picture ID membership card and someone else’s social security number to sign up for a new instant credit card. All I know from this point is that he was denied credit and access to the store. I’m seriously hoping more serious measures were taken after but I can’t be sure.