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, | Unfiltered | November 30, 2020

This older guy comes into our store every once in a while, and he’s kind of known to be an asshat. Anyway, one morning he wonders in and picks up a newspaper, then comes over to the registers to pay for it. So far, so good. He hands me a roll of quarters – now, where I work, it’s literally right between the good side of town and crack alley and we’ve been known to get scammed with rolls of coins before (as well as counterfeit bills).

The newspaper is only $1.50 so I open the roll of quarters to make sure they’re really quarters (and not washers which are about the same size and weight) and my boss (who is understandably a total tightwad about money) isn’t losing money (I’m not getting fired over $10). The guy gets pissed, starts cussing me out about how I’m no good, and because I checked the roll I was basically accusing him of being a thief. He grabs the open roll out of my hands and throws it and his newspaper at my face.

Good news is, he’s banned from the store for life for assaulting an employee, and both the owner and my manager agree that I should have pressed charges (I didn’t).

Bad news: this douchebag lives in my neighborhood. I see him around all the time.