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This occurred several years ago, while I was working at a convenience store (which sells fresh coffee in different colored paper cups – brown is small, orange is medium, etc) to put myself through college. I had only started working there about a week prior to this, and was still a little unsure of the coffee cup sizes and our deals (we sometimes ran promotions like if you buy an extra large coffee, you get a doughnut or muffin for about 20 cents extra, which is great because they usually cost $1-1.50).

It’s early morning, about 7 o’clock, and the 3rd shift employee has just left. My coworker has called; she’s going to be about an hour late (I forget why). I should also note that at this time, I was a timid 19 year old who was not used to being in trouble of any kind; I had very rarely been reprimanded or punished as a child – not because I was spoiled, I was just a good kid.

A man, perhaps in his early to mid 40s, approaches my register and puts down a red coffee cup and a newspaper. I ring him up and then double check to make sure I had selected the right size cup on my POS. The man, not even looking up, scowls and yells: Can’t you hurry the fuck up!? I’ve gotta get to work sometime today!

I apologize for taking the extra 10 seconds out of his day, and quickly hand him his change. He does not say anything back. As this is my first customer of the day, I’m alone (as far as other employees go, though there are one or two other customers in the store), and easily upset, I can feel myself about to cry ~ I was such a baby back then ~

Fortunately, the woman who next comes up to the counter is much nicer, and witnessed the whole exchange. She tells me that I handled myself well, and that she doesn’t know what that guys problem was; and also that I was probably the friendliest cashier to work at this place in a while. … I can see why.

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